New Year's Unit
Sneak Peek at the Week:
Countdown to Party Time!
Black-Eyed Peas & Cornbread
Resolutions for the new year
Journal Topics:
*On New Year's Eve, I...
*This year, I what to learn to...
*Draw a party scene.
*For good luck, I eat...
Center Ideas:
fine motor center: perforate 2001

home: add (dried) black-eyed peas and party hats

art: make a "party collage" using streamers, confetti, glitter, tinsel, etc. on
a black background (later attach their writing prompts- "My New Year's
Resolution is...").

writing: "My New Year's Resolution is..."
When This Box Is Full by Patricia Lillie
*After reading this book about the months, we discuss the important things we
might put in our boxes each month and why they would belong there.
Each student is given a book titled
"A Month For Everything" listing each month on a
separate page.  They are also given a page of clipart pictures (baby New Year, a
heart, a leprechaun, an Easter egg, flowers, boy making sand castles at the beach,
firecrackers, a school bus, apples, a pumpkin, a Thanksgiving scene, and a
reindeer). Students will add the appropriate picture to each page. Some students
will be able to write captions for each page as well.  

Chicken Soup With Rice by Maurice Sendak
*The classes are pretty familiar with this book since we sing it every morning.  
(Beginning in August, we sing and "dance" the current month's poem as part of
calendar.)  It's fun discussing what
we would do each month... instead of what
Maurice Sendak wrote... and then making up a poem to sing.

A Child's Year by Joan Walsh Anglund
*We compare these month descriptions to the other books we've read.

Happiness Is Twelve Months Long by Joan Wade Cole
*After reading this book, studenta complete/illustrate the sentence "January is ..." .
*With 100's day approaching, we decide how we'll reach our goal of collecting 100
cans of food to donate to a local charity.  We line up the cans in the hallway,
numbering them on the top with a sharpie to keep track of our goal!
*We do a yes/no graph to "Do you like black-eyed peas?"
*We pattern leftover metallic party confetti.
*We estimate black-eyed peas (dried, of course!).
Science/Social Studies:  
*We discuss different New Year's traditions: having parties, counting down the last
10 seconds of a year, eating "good luck" foods on New Year's Day, singing "Auld
Lang Syne," blowing horns, etc.   Then, of course, we have a party counting down
the last 10 seconds, blowing horns, throwing streamers and confetti, singing "Auld
Lang Syne," and then sitting down to a cup of black-eyed peas with cornbread!

*Before the festivities, we discuss the terms "Baby New Year" and "Old Father Time".
 Students make Baby New Year hats to wear to the party.