The Kissing Hand
First we send this note home:
Dear  Parents,
As part of a class project for
tomorrow, we need you to trace and
cut out the outline of your hand.  
Please send in your hand cut-out

Thanks for your participation,
The K-Crew
The next day we read and discuss The Kissing Hand.  We do a "book talk," listing our likes
and dislikes.  Then the students get out the cut-out of their parent's hand.  We talk about
making a "kissing hand" for our parents to hold when they are missing us.  We add a big red
heart sticker in the center and  brainstorm ways to make each "kissing hand" special.....
color it the parent's favorite color, draw parent's favorite thing to do on it, draw lots of hearts
on it, etc.

Then we attach the decorated  hand to the following note and send it home:
Dear Parents,
We read the book The Kissing Hand by
Audrey Penn.  It is a story about a little
raccoon named Chester who was anxious
about leaving home and going to school.  
So his mother decided to share a "family
secret" with him- the "kissing hand".  She
gave him a kiss on his paw and told him to
press the kiss to his cheek whenever he
missed her.
We know that you, too, may be anxious
about your new Kindergartener going to
school for the first time.  So your child has
made a "kissing hand" for YOU.  (Feel free
to use as needed.)

The K-Crew