Want The K-Crew
to Come to You?
If you'd like to host a workshop in your hometown, please e-mail us or leave a
message at (281) 381-4603 (K-Crew Voice Mail).

We will travel to your area if enough people sign up to attend a presentation:

*Let us know which
topics you'd like us to present.

*We'll tailor a presentation to suit the audience.

*We'll send you an outline of the presentation to share with others (the more
attendees, the cheaper the cost per attendee.)

*You advise us of available locations for holding the workshop.

*We'll set up conference registration for your area on our website.

*We'll present, laugh, share ideas (and stories!), coach, answer questions,
demonstrate techniques, and even help with class management/room

*Attendees will leave with a CD copy of our presentation,
books, resources, and
most importantly... a way to contact us once they've put theory into practice!