Focus Poetry
Objectives (based on the TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)
*TLW listen responsively to stories and other texts read aloud
*TLW ask and answer relevant questions and make contributions in group activities
*TLW recognize that print represents spoken language and conveys meaning
*TLW know that print moves left-to-right, top-to-bottom on a page
*TLW understand that written words are separated by spaces
*TLW know the difference between letters and words
*TLW recognize how readers use punctuation/capitalization to comprehend
*TLW understand that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters
*TLW recognize that different parts of a book such as cover, title page, and table of contents offer information
*TLW produce rhyming words and distinguish rhyming words from non-rhyming words
*TLW understand that written words are composed of letters that represent sounds
*TLW learn and apply letter-sound correspondences to begin to read
*TLW use prior knowledge to anticipate meaning and make sense of texts
*TLW listen to stories being read aloud
*TLW participate actively when predictable and patterned text are read aloud
*TLW describe how illustration contribute to the text
*TLW distinguish fiction from nonfiction
*TLW understand literary terms by distinguishing the roles of author and illustrator
"Schedule" for Focus Poetry
day 1:
introduce poem, invite predictions, discuss the message

day 2:
read poem together, discuss new/interesting vocabulary

day 3:
read poem together, use poem to introduce or reinforce any new print concepts

day 4:
read poem together, move/stamp/clap/snap to the rhythm, reinforce print concepts

day 5:
students add poem to poetry journal, then illustrate and take it home to share with their families
Here are some examples of what a student
might do with his/her poetry journal.
Here are some of the
poems we've used:
"Apple Tree"   


"Down, Down"  

"Tale of a Tail"         

"Humpty Dumpty"      

"Jack Be Nimble"       

"Miss Muffet"         


"The Secret"         

"Twinkle, Twinkle"     

"Jack Frost"            

"Dinosaur Pie"

"Dinosaur Stomp"

"Valentine Snowman"

"I Am A Cowboy"

"I Am A Cowgirl"

"When Tillie Ate the
After illustrating this poem, this student
highlighted the focus sight word "in".  Then she
discovered "my" and digraph "th" in the text,
too.  So she highlighted those as well.
This student highlighted known words.  Later she
went back and started to highlight the vowels.

You can see the cummulative effect!  The
possibilities are limitless...
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