The Fire
Prevention Unit
Sneak Peek at the Week:
Monday: fire prevention, elements of fire
Tuesday-Thursday: fire safety; fire drills; stop, drop, and roll
Friday: trip to fire station
Focus Poetry:
"Jack Be Nimble"
Shared Reading:
Mary Wore Her Red Dress by
Michael Morris
Journal Topics:
*Draw a fireman.
*Draw a firetruck.
*What is fire good for?
*Draw something on fire.
*What will we see at the fire station?
Center Ideas:
fine motor: perforate the shape of a fire truck, scribble art fire

art: use red and yellow fingerpaint to blend into orange + logs
= fire scen

g:  "Fire is ____."
Fire! Fire! by Gail Gibbons

Fire by Maria Rims
*After reading these two books, discuss the products of (smoke, light, heat) and
elements fire needs to "stay alive" (heat, oxygen, and fuel)

Fire Engine by Anne Rockwell

I'm a Firefighter by Mary Packard

Clifford the Firehouse Dog by Norman Bridwell

Emergency by Gail Gibbons
*We discuss when to (and when NOT to) use 911.

Firehouse Dog by Amy and Richard Hutching

One Dark Night by Robert A. and Marlene J. McCracken
*Another great McCracken book.  This one is about the Great Chicago Fire
supposedly started by Mrs. O'Leary's cow. You will LOVE this book... and your class
will sing it ALL year long.  After singing it (a million times!), each child sequences the
order of events and labels with matching word.

"Fire! Fire!" Said Mrs. McGuire by Bill Martin, Jr.
*We always compare this one to the McCracken version.... they're nothing alike
except for similar lines of text.

Firefighter by Norma Simon

Smoky Night by Eve Bunting

I Am Fire by Jean Marzollo
*We discuss the products of fire: light, heat, smoke.  Then we chart different examples
of "Helpful Fire vs. Harmful Fire".

The Fire Engine Book (Golden Super Shape Book)
*We list all kinds of equipment firefighters need to fight fire.  Then each child
illustrates one of the things for a class book.   Each page reads:  Firefighters need
_________ to fight fire.

Firefighters by Robert Maass

I Want to be a Fire Fighter by Linda Lee Mayfair

I'm Going to be a Fire Fighter by Edith Kunhardt

Fire Drill! by Janet Craig
Science/Social Studies:
After discussing what fire needs (heat, fuel, oxygen) to
"stay alive," we do an experiment with fire.  We light a
candle and observe what is happening (the wax is
melting; there is a little smoke; the flame is white, yellow,
and blue; it smells, there is a little light, etc.).  Then we
discuss what the flame needs to keep burning... "What
could we take away to stop the fire?"  First, we blow it
(taking away the heat) out.  "How else could we stop the
fire?"  We pull out a glass jar and ask them to predict
what would happen if we inverted it over the flame.  
Some will think nothing will happen, some will predict that
the glass will ignite, some think the flame will go out.   
They are always amazed when the flame fizzles out
slowly (from lack of oxygen).  They'll want to watch it
again and again, counting to see how long it takes.
This of course, leads to a discussion about how "stop,
drop, and roll" works.... by depriving the fire of oxygen!