Buzz Book
The Buzz Book is really interactive or shared writing.  We use it daily to introduce and reinforce:

*phonics                *language/sentence structure        *punctuation           *sight words
*story elements      *cueing sources

It is basically a "morning message" in which the students must respond in some way.  Of course,
writing is always part of the response!

The "buzz" comes from the "buzzing" students do with others.... sharing their ideas with a
neighbor, before sharing with the group.  This is great for 2 reasons:
*It allows everyone to share ideas... not just the students who get called to share with the group.
*It gives children a "practice".  They
know what they will say when called on, because they've
already shared it with someone else.
Buzz Book can take on many different formats...
Sometimes we write using
sentence patterns....
Sometimes we graph.....
Sometimes we circle letters/words...
Sometimes we share
Sometimes we match....
Sometimes we just write...
Sometimes we rhyme......
Sometimes we brainstorm....
the writing themselves as the year progresses.
*What did you eat for breakfast?                                                        
*How old are you?
*Will you stay home or go away for the holidays?                               
*Name some green things.
*What begins with T?                                                                       
*Tell me a joke.
*Let's play hangman. (Use a student's name or sight word.)                        
*Tell me about the Pilgrims.
*Name something smelly.
*What can you see on a farm?
*Bears have....
*Let's write a story! (Teach story elements first.)
*Let's label the room.
*How do you make a sandwich?
*How do you get to the cafeteria? Give me the directions.
*Name something slippery.
*Name something sweet.
*If you had $100, what would you buy?
*Let's write!  I am ____.  I can _____.  I see _____.
The ___ is ____.  I like to _____.  (Use sentence patterns.)

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our resource for
Buzz Book:
How to Share the Pen

The possibilities are endless!  Be creative..... and watch them write!
Step 1: Begin with a
(one that is incomplete
or inaccurate).

Step 2: Read the
Step 3: Buzz about
the message prompt.  
Step 4: Let a few
students write their
responses to the
prompt.  Do not worry
about misspelled
words.  These will be
corrected during the
editing process.
Step 5: Reread the
message and  correct
any mistakes.  This is a
great time to teach
phonics and punctuation
rules in context.