Scribble Art
Scribble Art for Every Season
This is another one of those indispensable
assets we use in the Fine Motor center.  
Students will begin to notice detail development
and strengthen their fine motor control while
working on these projects.

The student copies 3 or 4 steps to create a
picture.  Each step uses a different "scribble"
(pull/push strokes, curved, spiral, straight lines)
to add details.  Then the student writes the
word naming the picture.

The Scribble Art Book contains 45 Scribble Art
projects.  There are 1-2 projects for each letter
of the alphabet.
This book contains Scribble Art
projects for the seasons and
holidays, instead of beginning
letters.   There are 27 projects for
each of the following "seasons:"
Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving,
Christmas, Winter, New Year's,
Valentine's, and Spring.